Saturday, October 29, 2011

Somaly Mam

My latest work came to me the minute I finished The Road of Lost Innocence (The True Story of a Cambodian Heroine) by Somaly Mam. The book was intense and I often had to take breaks to stomach it all...but I've never read a book that fast in my life. Somaly Mam's life story is one of horror, pain and torture, but it is also a story of hope, determination and love. Somaly is a global hero changing the lives of women and children all over the world. I encourage you to read her book, visit her website (, and help however you can through Projects Future Global (
This is my dedication to her...thank you for the work you do, Somaly.

I was originally introduced to the Somaly Mam Foundation by Heather Snyder and Amber Tawn of Off the Mat NYC. I attended a beautiful yoga class and kirtan at Dharma West dedicated to Somaly. We prayed for the millions of women and children who suffer from human trafficking, celebrated the ones that have escaped, and remembered the ones who have not survived. This is truly a global crisis. It opened up my eyes. Heather has written an amazing article on Yoga Modern that I encourage you to read and comment on:
There are great events and fundraising opportunities in our near future through the Yoga Freedom Project that you'll want to get involved in!!! However you can...please help.

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