Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Finger Paint

One of my favorite things is watching a child discover something for the first time. I recently decided to set up shop in my back yard with my 2 and a half year old neighbor. I got him an "Artist in Training" smock and non-toxic acrylics. We sat right in the grass with huge sheets of paper taped to my drawing board, a bucket of water, and 12 colors to choose from. He was extatic. He loves to color and draw, so I knew he would absolutely love this...and he did. He started with a brush and was concentrating really hard on his latest discovery - circles. He told me these were ferris wheels.
We did a little mixing of colors with the brush, but he decided that mixing the colors with his hands would just be a lot easier. This is when it started to get really fun. He went through sheet after sheet of paper filling each one - a carnival, the beach, the mountains, the Lazy River. He was cracking me up. The imagination that we are born with is amazing.
I often wonder if I should've stuck with the Art Education major I dabbled with in college. I mean, it's not too late...I still have options! But showing Jack how to paint and then letting him run with it was so rewarding. I could really see myself enjoying that.
Afterward, we held an art show...Jack's 1st art show. There was no wine or cheese, but there were plenty of "ooos" and "ahhs". Imagine - a solo show and not even 3 years old yet. I wonder if he'll remember...

Wednesday, July 9, 2008


Sold my second piece to Barnes & Noble!
Tough Love 2010 Daily Planner
All the emo kids are gonna want to write their homework assignments in this!!