Monday, March 29, 2010

Inspirational Jewlery I Can't Afford

Love Sundance. Their beautiful jewelry is handmade made by tons of artisans. Yes, they are expensive, but when you purchase something from this catalog, you are also "supporting American craftspeople, the Sundance Institute for development of new artists in film, music, dance and theater, and efforts to enhance and preserve the environment."
They currently have a featured artist by the name of Jes MaHarry. Her work is described as such:
"Images drawn from her surroundings become whimsical pictographs scrawled in precious metals. Fanciful beads and colorful gemstones intermingle to reflect nature's wild abandon. Often she adds an inspirational message like "Live love" or "Honor your dreams." Each of her jewels is imbued with heart and a handcrafted aesthetic all her own."
A burnished white bronze medallion bearing Jes MaHarry’s tree of strength is fastened to a soft brown leather wristband; double snap closure.
The beautiful blue of an aquamarine cabochon inspires tranquility. Jes MaHarry underscores the feeling by inscribing “calm” within the band. The gem is set in 14kt yellow gold; the band is sterling. Handmade in USA