Saturday, October 25, 2008


So, art has been put on hold for the weekend (even though I got another 2 orders yesterday for crates with a one week deadline - eek!). I've been immersed in a Yoga Teacher Training for children this weekend with Little Flower Yoga in NYC. Twenty-five hours of yoga, kids, then more yoga, and more kids. I love it! I've always had a love for children, and my love for yoga has grown stronger and stronger over the past 4 years that I've been practicing with the Yoga & Healing Center. What better way to combine the two then to teach kids yoga? I have very little early education background (my 2nd major in college) and no adult yoga teacher training, so I'm really going into this blindly. It's quite intimidating at times, but I'm adjusting and learning that people come to this practice from all walks of life. I also learnt that apparently you can combine some art therapy (my 1st major in college) into a child's yoga practice as well - how sweet for me! I'm very excited about this. Honestly, I'm not sure where I'm going with this, but of course I'm going to follow through with Level 2 and 3 of the training (2009). I'm a free spirit and wherever it takes me, so be it! It is, however, giving me tons of ideas for children's yoga books!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Mmm Hershey's

The Personalized Candy Bar business is booming! Two hundred candy bars advertising the Hilton's Wedding package were delivered today and received warmly! They loved them and will be using them for their upcoming Bridal Show! They are now thinking about ordering them for all sorts of events. I'm ready for the business!

Next on my list is Great Uncle Stanley's 90th Birthday Party. He looks like such a sweet old guy. I hopes he likes the chocolate bar with his face on it!!

Friday, October 17, 2008

Who doesn't love a painted crate??

How adorable is this kid? Who is he? He's just another satisfied customer! I received his picture as a 'Thank You' for his Jungle Themed Baby Crate that cleverly matches his bedding. Doesn't he look happy holding his crate?
As many of you know, I've been taking orders for hand painted wooden crates themed to the liking of the customer. Baby crates are the most popular for Baby Showers. It's a great way to throw a bunch of small baby items into one container for a great presentation. I personalize the majority of them with the baby's name on them. Recently I've been getting orders for the older kids - I've done Napoleon Dynamite, the Little Miss Characters, High School Musical. You can see most of them featured in the shop section of my website! Get your order in now for the holidays!!

Friday, October 10, 2008

NYC Windows

As you're walking around the city this Christmas admiring the tree at Rockefeller Center, the Santas on every corner, the horse drawn carriages around Central Park, the department store windows...remember to stop by a very special window at the Girl Scouts of America. This year, it will be designed by...ME! I just got a freelance job to design the 2 windows that belong to the Girl Scouts of America building on 5th Ave. One window is on 37th St. and the other is on 38th. I'm so excited! I'll let you know when it's done so you can check it out!