Monday, July 30, 2012

Peace Exchange

For the last five-plus years Ross Holzman has devoted himself to living a life in service of peace. In 2008, he started Create Peace Project because he could no longer sit back and watch as the powers that be continue to push war, infiltrate the media with violence, and promote fear! So he put his vision of "creating peace" into action. Over the past four years, he has personally worked with 12,000 youth and included more than 25,000 youth and adults in Create Peace Projects....with amazingly positive responses! A project that I am proud to have participated in with the Alluem Kids

In their efforts to spread the projects and practices that they at Create Peace Project are using, he and a couple colleagues wrote an arts-for-peace educational resource entitled Let's Create Peace. This is a 70 page booklet contains more than 30 activities and projects aimed at fostering self-awareness, strengthening connections, promoting peace, and creating uplifting meaningful art, as well as learning about the history of peace and violence locally and globally.  It will be used to train educators, promote simple peace practices in the classroom, share simple peace education to our youth and to complement the integration of Create Peace Project's arts-for-peace projects into schools around the globe.

This resource is ready for a second printing and once printed will be shared with teachers and educators far and wide, but in order to do so, they NEED YOUR SUPPORT! They currently have about a week remaining in an all-or-nothing fundraising campaign: (thus "pledges" are not debited unless the entire $3775 goal is reached). It will take you less than 10 minutes to create an account and make a pledge.  Think about the youth around the globe who will be positively affected by your generosity! Give if you can!!