Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Help a fellow artist!

It's crunch time for my dear friend and fellow artist, Nadine LaFond! Nadine is currently working on her debut solo album and needs our help. Please give what you can IF you can to keep Nadine's music alive. She is a true gem and a beautiful soul. Nadine has worked closely with us last month at our art workshop at Alluem Yoga (the studio where I teach kid's yoga). We are so grateful to Nadine for sharing her talents with us to help us reach our Off The Mat Into The World-Haiti GOAALLLLL!!!
A pledge of at least $40 dollars, which includes a special edition t-shirt co-designed by fellow artists, plus digital downloads of BOTH the 4 song acoustic EP and the full "Wisdom Child" album would go a long way in supporting this project. How cool is that? Even cooler to be part of a huge success story!! Please check out her Kickstarter Page and donate if you can!!!!

Don't want to donate online? Feel free to do it old school!
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