Sunday, March 30, 2008

Creative Kids

I've been laid up for the past 4 days with a torn ligament in my ankle...just me and my laptop. Needless to say, I've bee doing plenty of websurfing. Today I decided that my future kids are going to rock the house when it comes to color theory prinicples!

Pottery Barn's Color Wheel Puzzle:

"Easy-to-manipulate blocks provide endless possibilities for the creation of designs and patterns inside or outside of the wooden tray! Great way to introduce child to the basic principles of both math and architecture, while encouraging both individual and group play. Designed to teach basic color theory principals, and stimulate children's thought process of cause and effect by showing the result of color combinations."

Monday, March 17, 2008

I like the word "excellence".

Today I was going through the motions of my Monday morning in the office when I recieved a very much needed phone call from Marywood University. It was the Alumni Office calling to tell me I had been selected for the Recent Alumni Award of Excellence for Professional Acheivement!
Here is a blurb about the award that I took from my school's website:

Recent Alumni Award of Excellence for Professional Achievement
Award Description
This award will be given to an alumni who has demonstrated significant professional achievements within 10 years of Graduation from Marywood University (Undergraduate and Graduate).
Award Criteria
-Excellence in service to community locally, nationally and/or globally by applying the Core Values of Marywood University in their day to day lives.
-Excellence in achievement in their professional lives by utilizing their education and experiences at Marywood University and serving as a role model for current and future students and alumni.
-Excellence in dedication to serving the Marywood Community thereby encouraging others to witness the potential of becoming active and serving the institution through example.
-Excellence in leadership by displaying the ability to live responsibly in a diverse and interdependent world.

I was very excited to learn I was nominated and won this award, especially because I was told it is very competitive. The award ceremony is in May during Reunion Weekend. I better work on my speech! ;-)

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

From Artlives Studio

I'm taking a new class that my Yoga Studio is offering - The Channeling Art Workshop.
The Channeling Art Workshop aims to help students to connect with and record personal journeys. Students will be guided through the process of unearthing their creative / spiritual self through symbolism; develop and demonstrate the ability to express their visual / aesthetic sense of design; use color, texture, images and symbols to explore their own visual language.
With one class down, I'm hooked. My teacher is Nadine LaFond and she is amazing. Her statement pretty much sums up how intriguing she is as an artist and a human being: "Making art for me starts with those moments in Life that immediately strike me as lessons. When the underlying tale begins to emerge, I simply follow that energy."
I can not wait for the next 5 weeks of this class!