Monday, December 21, 2009

Etsy called: They want you to quit your day job.

Came across a great article in the NYTimes: That Hobby Looks Like a Lot of Work
I'm brand new to Etsy, so I haven't seen the turn over that some people see, like the woman in this article - but if you've got a great product and can keep up with the demand, then you've got a great home business on your hands!!!

I have some close friends that are living proof of Etsy success all in different areas of trade:

-Tara Connell with Lefty Loops has been crocheting her brains out to keep up with the holiday demand of her adorable children's knit caps!
-Dallas Shaw with DallasShaw has been shipping out her illustrations on canvas and tee shirts nonstop!
-Kitty Wilkin with Heart of Nature is doing her best to keep her photography in stock!
With so many talented artists out there, the competition is rough! But at the same time, with so many talented artists, there is so many options to choose from!! So if you're looking for a gift this season - SHOP HANDMADE!!!!!

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Art by Astrid

The holiday market is set-up in Union Square! I love seeing handmade vendors come together. There is great stuff out there this year and A LOT of new booths!
I spotted a great jewlery designer by the name of Astrid Schumacher. She's a yoga practioner, so a lot of her designs have a yogic feel to them - Om symbols, mandalas, malas, etc. Her jewlery can be found in small shops in NYC, SanFransico, and Switzerland (where she was born).