Sunday, July 22, 2007

New Position. Maybe?

Wikipedia defines a Designer as "a broad term for a person who designs any of a variety of things. That usually implies the task of creating or of being creative in a particular area of expertise. It is frequently used to reference someone who draws or in some ways uses visual cues to organize their work. Designers are usually responsible for making a model that takes into consideration each step in a product's development, including not only how a product will be used but also how it will be made."
I studied Illustration in hopes to one day become an Illustrator, which Wikipedia defines as "a graphic artist who specializes in enhancing writing by providing a visual representation that corresponds to the content of the associated text. The illustration may be intended to clarify complicated concepts or objects that are difficult to describe textually, or the illustration may be intended for entertainment."
Although it often feels like I'm not an Illustrator because I'm not currently illustrating for a living, I am published. At times I have to remind myself that that is a huge accomplishment. I know it's not my best work, but it is out there and people are buying it. So, I have to be proud. I'm an Illustrator.
When I don't utilize my creative side, I become very frustrated. I didn't actually realize it until I started working behind a desk. I've recently resorted to the art of decorating my cube with stickers. There is a sticker on my computer from my "I heart the Office" sticker set that says "I heart Spreadsheets". One on my name plate that says "I heart my Cube".
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If I didn't entertain myself, I'd probably lose my mind. In the beginning I found ways to sketch everyday - the building across the street, the people in the park on my lunch break, sites from the bus window, the vice president sitting across the conference table from me in a meeting (he kept that one and hung it in his office). I haven't found time to do that as often as I have taken on more responsibility in the office, working lunches, and heavy power naps during the commute. I fear I may lose my impulsive artistic side to whip out my Moleskine and sketch freely, so I must do something about this.
Coincidentally, a position became available in my office and I was recommended for it. It becomes available in September and I'm going to apply tomorrow. It would be a great opportunity for me to utilize my degree and keep my creative juices flowing. I'm quite excited about it, but I don't want to get my hopes up. Disappointment and I don't get along well. So, keep your fingers crossed for me. Wouldn't "Designer" look great after my name?

Thursday, July 19, 2007

The Rules.

Do this. Don't do that. Go to school. Pay attention. Sit up straight. Get a job. Go to work. Be professional. Speak clearly. Be a leader. Don't stand out. Don't cross your legs. Use a napkin. Color inside the lines. Fold the clothes. Wash the dishes. Lower your voice. Say please. Say thank you. Hold in your stomach. Get up early. Wear sunscreen. Floss. Act your age. Recycle. Don't complain. Turn it down. Don't run with scissors. Follow directions. Take your vitamins. Look both ways. Go to bed. Don't cry. Don't go to bed angry. Wash your hands. Walk the dog. Count calories. Say you're sorry. Respect your elders. Don't talk with food in your mouth. Don't make a scene. Follow the rules. Don't complain. Vote. Play fair. Tell the truth. Share. Don't interrupt. Hold the elevator. Stop, drop, and roll. Don't swear. Don't kiss on the first date. Don't judge. Wear make-up. Slow down. Comb your hair. Condition. Keep secrets. Keep smiling. Don't foul. Say excuse me. Carry exact change. Say cheese. Take a hike. Make your bed. Feed the fish. Buckle up. Enjoy the ride. Dream big. Take it easy. Laugh out loud. Wander. Lay in the sun. Speak up. Sleep in. Follow your heart. Be real. Be yourself. Live a little.

Friday, July 13, 2007

The First Blog

The first blog should always be a good one. It should be insiteful, prolific, deep, and maybe even move you to tears. Well, don't hold your breath...this one won't.
After starting my website, several people questioned where my blog was. Yes, people are that interested in my life. I'm insanely popular.
Now without further adue, here it is. I'll try to keep it as updated as possible, but no promises. I'm a very busy girl, you know.
I hope to use this blogging business to do a little self discovery while entertaining the likes of you. I hope to use this as a creative outlet, a Dear Diary, an occassional vent session. I may write a story or take a stab at a poem. I'll be sure to include on all the details of my exciting life. I also take requests.