Wednesday, January 20, 2010

The Cup is Half Full?

My cousin Diana, author of The Cup is Half Full?, has been my new inspiration. She recently started a blog, which she describes best as her chance to stop sweating the small stuff and appreciate what she has. She hopes that through her blog, her Type A-self can learn to live, laugh, and love life. Kudos to her for taking the time each day to breathe, look around, and live in the moment. Her entries are humorous and make me smile. I make sure that I read them at work when I most need to laugh (at my 9-5 desk job at that-place-that-shall-remain-nameless, Inc. Not my yoga job or my illustration job. Man, I have too many jobs.).
I must say, I do try to stay pretty positive most of the time, but sometimes being stuck at this desk in the drama of corporate city life really gets me down. I was looking around my desk today, I took the time to notice how the sun was hitting my snow globe on my window sill - granted it's a snow globe with a sad looking man stuck in the lonely middle from The New Yorker Cartoon - "Snow Shoveler". But none-the-less, I thought, "There's a great picture!". So I snagged it, proud of the outcome. I'll use it as a reminder to remember to see the light even through the most depressing situations...much like my cousin is doing now...and maybe I'll get a happier snow globe.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Your bag and your mantra for the new year.

Happy New Year (6 days late)!
Barnes & Noble's latest mini tote is sporting my favorite mantra
and I couldn't be more excited!:

The canvas tote measures about 4"x10", the perfect size for your favorite book, bagged lunch, or any of your smaller possessions. I recommend you buy one today and remind everyone to "Keep Calm and Carry On"!
Available online and in stores.