Monday, September 12, 2011

Prayer: A Moving Art

There is a new class at Alluem Yoga and tonight was the big debut: Body Prayer.
The description: Let yoga be more than a physical practice. Explore the effects of yoga on the mental, emotional and spiritual well-being. Our bodies speak volumes. Flow with grace and strength as you offer up your intentions and vibrations into the universe. Prayer is the act of communicating with something bigger than ourselves. What ever that something is for you, connect through movement and prayer. Pray for peace. Pray for happiness. Pray for serenity. Pray for your loved ones and those in need. Come with an open mind and an open heart.

This class with Gina was amazing. When you add intention with the physical art of movement you find yoga to be, you open in a way that you may not have on a normal basis. Your mind and your heart connect. Your thoughts have meaning. Your body moves with integrity. Everything seems to align. Being on your mat makes you feel complete.
I thought my night was complete when I bowed my head to my heart after the final Om. I could sleep soundly after that moving mediation for sure! Then I came home and found a post from my have to watch the video below. My jaw dropped...

David Garibaldi: Jesus Painting from Thriving Churches on Vimeo.

This is David Garibaldi. ( I like to think his "performance" type painting style is much like a moving meditation - a moving prayer - a lot like yoga. I know for myself, when I'm creating a piece of art or deeply involved with a sketch with pencil moving quickly across the page like it has a mind of it's own, I get lost in the art...just like I do when I'm on my mat practicing. It's the best feeling. To watch someone else get immersed in that same feeling almost feels wrong! Like you're stealing a personal moment! Ha! Then again, David is a "performance" artist - and his hope is to inspire the audience to use their passion to benefit and inspire others. After all, we are here for one another...we inspire one another.

Whether you're stepping on to your mat or in front of an empty's all about quieting down and looking inside - for your inspiration, for your voice, for your's about finding that stillness inside and then exploding out with thoughts, prayers, and intentions of love, peace, serenity, hope, and inspiration. That is what David Garibaldi calls "Living with passion and purpose." I can't wait for next week's Body Prayer to practice with that same passion and purpose. (Mondays 7:30-8:45pm)


Kitty Wilkin said...

"'s about finding that stillness inside and then exploding out with thoughts, prayers, and intentions of love, peace, serenity, hope, and inspiration." What a perfect way express yoga! That is what makes yoga unique and such an amazing experience for everyone--from first time on the mat-ers to practicing for decades-ers. <3 I hope to get to a Body Prayer sometime soon!

Karen said...

Kitty - you will LOVE it!!!! Come visit again soon! xoxo