Saturday, August 20, 2011

Box of 64

Confession: I love Crayons. The colors, the smell, the way they glide across your paper...I love everything about them! My nickname when I was little...shhh....was "Crayon" because I was often found carrying around a box around with me. So when I saw this project on jaw dropped! I LOVE IT! I mean how cool is this?!?

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soffia mariana gr said...

Oh woow! that's a really really cool idea, can't wait to do it :D I'm running for a box right now! it looks very good and fun!

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eniper said...

That's pretty awesome Karen.

Kitty Wilkin said...

WOW! Talk about the coolest artwork EVER for a playroom! I'm totally going to do that!!! Crayons glued to the top, hairdryer for meltage and viola! (right?) Soooo cool! Thank you for sharing!