Wednesday, September 23, 2009

My bag helps people...what does yours do?

I got a brand new bag from Barnes & Noble and I'm loving it!
It's stylish, comfy, sturdy, and it helps save lives.

FEED/READ 3 bag is a simple way to make the world a better place. Each 100% organic cotton tote bag includes a donation to provide 3 school meals AND 3 local language books to children in the developing world. FEED/READ 3 bag, sold exclusively at Barnes & Noble stores, was created by FEED Projects in support of the
UN World Food Program’s (WFP) School. Feeding operations and Room to Read, an organization dedicated to promoting and enabling global education.
Over 350 million children go to bed hungry every night and every 5 seconds a child dies because he or she is hungry. Hunger kills more people than AIDS, malaria and tuberculosis combined.There are more than 770 million illiterate adults in the world, two-thirds of whom are women and girls. In addition, there are over 300 million children who do not attend school. But, there is hope. When children are given a free, nutritious school meal, attendance increases by 100% and performance improves greatly. Education is the best ticket out of poverty, so Room to Read has built over 750 schools and established 7,000 libraries with over 6 million books in just its first decade.
For more information about WFP visit:, and for more information
about Room to Read visit:

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Torie Jayne said...

What a great idea! Thanks Have a sweet day!x