Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Bring back the journal!

Remember in elementary school when you learned how to write? Printing first, then script? I hated script. I remember trying to get out of a writing lesson in 3rd grade after I fell and scraped my elbow on the playground. I said I needed to print because writing in script hurt my elbow. Good try, me.
I haven't journaled in an actual journal in quite some time thanks to the blog (everybody's doing it), but I just may have to start filling pages again after seeing this journal. I'm pretty sure that Chronicle Books is trying to bring back the art of writing sans the internet, and maybe improve journal sales along the way.

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We Are Broken Chains said...

I love this. I was a blog girl for quite some time, and I blog on and off now but journal on paper a lot. There really is something, for me, that I get out of paper journaling that I don't get out of blogging. By the same token, there's a lot to blogging that I definitely don't get from paper journaling. In some ways, being able to share your thoughts with the community at large, or just a couple of friends, is empowering and makes your words and feelings stronger.

~Jess Kilbride~