Thursday, February 19, 2009


I'm a fan of mustard...the condiment and the color. I mean, who isn't? I have a sweater that has inspired me to bring more mustard into my work - the color, not the condiment. I've come up with this so far...the birds are confident because they are parading on mustard - the color, not the condiment. Hearts float around them because they are in love with mustard - the color and the condiment. In fact, they are thinking, if they had a bottle of Gulden's Spicy Brown right now, they would devour it, but would be sure not to get it on their white feathers.
(I'm really tired, which is causing me to be punchy. Apologies.)
I call it - "For the Love of Mustard"


Dallas Shaw said...

this would be a great little notecard

Karen said...

...with mustard.

Leigh said...

So cute! I heart mustard too ;)