Monday, November 24, 2008

Holiday Windows

It's the day before window set-up time on 5th and 37th/38th and I'm getting nervous! I spent basically the whole weekend working on the props for the window. One is a winter scene complete with a polar bear, a penguin, a snowman, and Diamond Dust covered snow flakes. What is Diamond Dust, you ask? Why, it's just about the coolest glitter you can find. Aren't my snowflakes sparkly?! It's more of a 3-D effect rather then your shake on arts n' crafts glitter. Now, I never said I was the brightest crayon in the box, but my fingers were pretty sore while sprinkling the glitter all over the snowflakes. After, I spent some time picking the shards out of my fingers and then I read the jar - "Diamond Dust is made of finely ground shards of glass." Of glass!! Yeah, no wonder my fingers hurt. Shards of glass are not meant to be squeezed between your index finger and thumb. Next time I'll read before applying.
Anyway, the other window is going to be the new Girl Scout Vintage Line. The line really has a great nostalgic feel to it. I'm doing a living room scene for that one - rocking chair, fireplace - kind of like, "Hey Grandma, tell me about what it was like when you were a Girl Scout!" Should be real cute!

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