Thursday, November 6, 2008

Do Not Leave Unattended

I just came across one of the coolest website:
Her project is based on the fact that we should not leave certain things unattended...our children, burning candles, running vehicles. More importantly, she believes that certain thoughts that we house in our brains should not be left unattended either, but should instead be shared. I whole heartedly agree! Some thoughts are just so powerful that holding them in can just be detrimental. She started with a notebook and 10 friends. She passes the notebook along and each recipient holds the notebook for no longer then 2 weeks. Each recipient then writes, draws, paints, collages whatever they wish - a simple truth, a lesson learned, something just to think about, etc. She has been compiling them online in hopes of it becoming a book one day. A brilliant idea! As I was scrolling through pages and pages of entries, I was blown away by all of the creative spirit and what people are apt to share with others. I'm signing up to receive the journal! Can't wait!

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