Friday, July 13, 2007

The First Blog

The first blog should always be a good one. It should be insiteful, prolific, deep, and maybe even move you to tears. Well, don't hold your breath...this one won't.
After starting my website, several people questioned where my blog was. Yes, people are that interested in my life. I'm insanely popular.
Now without further adue, here it is. I'll try to keep it as updated as possible, but no promises. I'm a very busy girl, you know.
I hope to use this blogging business to do a little self discovery while entertaining the likes of you. I hope to use this as a creative outlet, a Dear Diary, an occassional vent session. I may write a story or take a stab at a poem. I'll be sure to include on all the details of my exciting life. I also take requests.

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